The final veredict

Missing one match for all teams, Millonarios is officially out of the eight best teams of the second semester. The final verdict was given by Santa Fe, the eternal rival of the city. The game that could fix the way of Jorge Luis Pinto’s team was a complete disaster. An irregular performance finished killing the hopes of the fans.

The ‘Cardenal’ team used the sides all the match generating hurt in Palacios and Banguero zone, which had a bad match (or better, a bad semester). Banguero didn’t know how to contain Balanta in all games, but he caused problems to Duque and the center also. Being the best player in the field and doing a society with Sambueza, they broke all the containment in the middle and the fariñez area. As it was expected for the level, Balanta did the first goal, but a series of bounces in Santa Fe’s space, after a free-kick of Macalister, Salazar score on own arch.

Far of the recovery, the rival team scored in two times with Balanta and Sambueza, taking advantage of the weak defense of Millonarios. In the second time, and with the creation zone broken, Pinto change Salazar, that was a ghost in the field for Zapata. Nonetheless, Balanta continued doing the night horrible to Banguero, he eluded the defense and did the pass to Velásquez for a 4-1 partial.

With the rope in the neck, Zapata center a ball for Ortiz that discounted. Searching the tie, Pinto entered Lasso and Arango, but he took out Ortiz (yes, the same of the last goal). The ‘Embajador’ never found the way for doing more for the game, and the final result could be more considerable.

Winning one point in their last six matches, Millonarios buried a semester with more expectations that realities, with a good start and bad finish. This seems to be the final of the Pinto’s era also, but that answer is going to be revealed soon.

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