A strong win against the leader!

The qualification for the playoff is closer and defeating the leader, which came from a crucial winning streak, is always positive. The Ambassadors dominated the first half, creating several occasions that were turning difficult to capitalize until a penalty kick arrived at 28th minute. Juan David Pérez converted into the first goal of the match. Later, Alex Rambal scored a header on a corner kick at minute 40, and with that, the game seemed to be resolved very early on the first half.

Despite the first good half, Pinto´s team didn’t have the same intensity after the half time break and generated just one occasion in the second half. This game wasn’t going to be the exception for the suffering and after a mistake from Wuilker Fariñez came to the goal from Alianza Petrolera at the 68th minute. Fortunately, the match finished as that and Millonarios added to the table three new points again.

After the game, there were a lot of positive conclusions, but there are some things to be improved. Fariñez is recovering to his level, and it is reasonable to lose timing, considering that he stopped competing until the new deal with the team was signed. Jose Guillermo Ortiz hasn’t been able to score in the last few matches, but the team is not depending on him to score. Hopefully, he backs to a significant scoring streak in what’s left of the season.

Picture via Millonarios FC

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