A comeback in El Campin!

The Ambassadors showed personality to revert the score and added three new points for League that let the team be in the third position and looking forward back again to the leadership. This start of the semester hasn’t been ideal; the moves in the transfer window didn’t work as Pinto expected and the game showed until know is still far from what was achieved at some point of last semester.

This is Millonarios, and fans are used to suffer in one way or another. Despite that, it is always beautiful to support the team and be with them no matter the circumstances. The price for the supporters will arrive soon or later, but it always comes.

Today the article will not tell the exact minute of the goals or the percentage of the possession of what was a boring match. Today, Millonarios International invites you, reader, fan, to keep enjoying your passion for the Ambassadors and remain patient. That is an exact process is being held, and sometimes the will to do things right is not enough ($$$).

A possible qualification to the Copa Libertadores by way of a title or the whole year performance could give a turn squad, letting to pay players that make a difference in South America. Also, the possibilities to keep Fariñez at least one more semester will increase, and his future price can rise. Today, it seems better to look at the big picture and not just to a couple of pale presentations. That mostly ended well for the Ambassadors, but not in the way that a plausible champion should be doing, especially when playing at home.

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