Six points in the pocket

Millonarios was superior but still can do better as shown throughout the regular season. This time, just one goal was enough to win in Bogotá, and yet the fans showed the frustration at the end of the match, especially with a couple of fouls in favor of Union Magdalena near Wuilker Fariñez’s area.

The absences were more notorious in the midfield, taking into consideration the few creativity shown in the game was improved with the Cristian Marrugo’s presence in the second half. Still, he wasn’t able to establish many connections and generate danger as he is used to. That is why it is crucial to have back Macalister Silva for next match, as he only got suspended for one game because of the red card received against America.

For the Ambassadors, Pérez was an important player (besides his lack of precision in the rival’s area). Also, the consistency demonstrated by Lasso (has scored all goal for Millonarios in the playoffs) gives confidence to the team. Lasso converted the first and only goal of the match at the 7th minute after a great attack from Pérez and later in the second half; Lasso had two more clear chances that he couldn’t capitalize. Then, he was substituted by Overlar, who played well as a pivot striker and had one clear chance, that almost ended inside the net.

Finally, it can be said that having six points at this point of the playoffs makes Millonarios closer to the final. Although, Pasto also has six points and the next two matches with them are going to be a “semifinal,” considering that America and Union Magdalena have very few chances to win the group. In consequence, the next two matches are going to be decisive to win a place in the final.

Hopefully the strikers both strikers, Lasso and Ovelar keep improving and the magic comes back to the midfield with Silva and Marrugo.

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