Two screamers = three points

Two screamers were more than enough to defeat Junior at El Campin, which until yesterday were unbeaten in the league. As Junior is one of the favorite teams for winning the league and considering that they strengthen the squad to fight for the Copa Libertadores, it was significant for the Ambassadors’ confidence to be able to not only grab a win over them but doing it while dominating most of the time.

The match took mostly in the middle of the field, where Jaramillo and Carrillo did an outstanding job when defending and attacking. As a consequence of the order in the midfield, Millonarios’ defense looked good (which wasn’t happening in the last matches), except for when De Los Santos made a mistake, that generated the only dangerous approximation from the visitors.

It was positive to reaffirm the leadership in the league and recover of a player like Roberto Overlar, which has demonstrated to determinant when defining a title. Also, it is important to highlight that Pinto is stabilizing a pattern when winning, which is having three center backs in the last minutes of the match to defend the result. It won’t rare to expect more times initial formations when playing away with those three central backs, knowing that this kind of structure has worked very well for Pinto, especially when conducting national teams.

This year might not exist the invisible point, but Millonarios more significant advantage for the playoffs will be top form and the tactical approaches that Pinto has brought to the team.


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