Ambassadors Tonight: Blogisode #1

Blogisode 1: A New Season

Controversial decisions lead to full-time draw for Millonarios

For the inaugural “episode” of Ambassadors Tonight, I, Brandon Cortes (@thomasnuri) will ask my Millonarios International colleagues Andres Martinez (@Andresabbatic) and Sebastian Neira (@sith_sebi) questions based on last night’s game.

Summary of the match: Millonarios debuted in the 2017-II season of Colombia’s top-flight football visiting giants Independiente Medellin. The visitors were quick to get in the lead thanks to a Santiago Mosquera goal assisted by David Macallister Silva. Medellín equalized at the end of the first half via the penalty spot. Matters got worse for the visitors in the second half. A clear handball by a Medellin defender was not called by the referee who observed the play clearly. Secondly, Duvier Riascos was arguably onside when his goal was disallowed. Medellin was not the strongest of sides today, but there is more to the result thanks to official decisions.

B: Welcome gentlemen, how are you doing tonight?

A: Pretty bad, I feel that the game was unfair.

S: A pleasure to make your acquaintance this evening Brandon. I am feeling robbed yet satisfied.


BSince you guys mention being robbed, do you think poor refereeing will be influential for the rest of the season not only for Millonarios but also other teams?

S: Refereeing has always affected other teams and us as well. But I feel that Dimayor is anti-Millonarios.

AIn general Colombian referees are no good, so I think that it will affect mostly small teams and Millonarios.


BDespite the officials’ decisions, for the team itself, what was the strongest feature for Millonarios and the weakest?

SMillonarios were at their strongest when forcing Medellin to lose the ball in different areas of the field and had heavy counter attacks. As for a weakest… Janeiler Rivas and Anier Figueroa were a bit nervous, but they corrected their mistakes as the game progressed.

AI saw a real team. Each player gave their all on the pitch, and the individual performance of Santiago Mosquera was phenomenal. The weakest component to the game was the centre-back pair. Maybe they are not used to each other.

S: I agree. The team played as a unit and pressured the Medellin side a lot.


BFigueroa and Rivas were voted the best CBs of 2016 in Peru. What do they need to work on to become the near-perfect duo for Millonarios?

S: They need more time together. I can’t remember off the top of my head if this is their first official game starting together.

AI agree, I think Andres Cadavid and Matias are going to be the first choice centre-backs so I would give them [Rivas and Figueroa] more time in the League Cup. They played together against Cali, but the game wasn’t televised.

S: I think Miguel Angel Russo will have the same pair start against Santa Fe.


B: Both of you had lot’s to say there. The transfer window [in Colombia] is not closed. What do Millonarios need and who has to go?

S: I think it’s too late for additions. We could’ve needed a center attacking midfielder like Jown Cardona. Alexis Zapata needs playing time.

AIt’s too late to get a top player. Maybe the club can purchase an average player and hope he can do magic without preseason work. I would like to see a new center attacking midfielder and a winger. I want Maxi Nunez and Eliser Quinones out, maybe sell Oscar Barreto as well.

S: Quinones was strong on the wings at the start of last season. Sadly he was benched in this game.

AI think he has potential but I dislike his decisions in open play, they’re almost always wrong.

S: Him and Nunez have the habit of doing that lately.


BSantiago Mosquera continues his excellent form from last season. Do players perform better when they love the club rather than a hefty paycheck?

S: Always, you see the love on the field.

A: I agree, there’s no motivation better than that.

S: Money does not hurt either though, I would be motivated.

A: Players do have to feel paid for their jobs.


B: Alright lads, the final one. What does it mean to have Millonarios back in your lives?

AA new hope and the excitement that no other thing in life can give you.

S: My escape from reality.

B: Thank you both for joining me.

Next week two new participants will join me for Blogisode 2 which we will talk about the Bogota Derby, Millonarios vs. Santa Fe.

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