Damir Zamora, a polyvalent central defender from the youth academy

A new player that plans to win a spot in the first team, as well as the hearts of all the ambassador’s hearts has surfaced from Millonarios youth academy. Damir Zamora, a very humble player, has gained a spot in the professional team for the second semester of 2017 through sacrifice and hard work.

A product of the youth academy, Zamora has been climbing the ranks reaching his status and plans on growing as a professional player. This is what he told us:

When and where were you born and what was the process to arrive at the youth academy in Millonarios?

“I was born in Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca on July 13, 1996.  From the time I was seven years old I was part of a soccer school called “Promesas del Futuro.” When I was 12 years old, I went to Cali to play with Boca Juniors. By the time I was 17, I had joined Millonarios and the manager at the time was Cerveleon Cuesta. He needed a center back for his U20 team. He had heard about me and made some inquiries. He contacted me and told me that he wanted me to be part of his team. He was looking for a defender with the qualities that I possess. That’s how I arrived in Bogota. I improved under Cuesta’s management. After he had left, Nelson “El Rolo” Florez took over. Now that I was promoted to the professional team, I hope to continue growing and improving myself.”

You have already trained with the first team, what can you tell us about this experience now that it’s become an everyday thing?

“I’ve had the opportunity since a few months back to be with the first team, even two years ago when I was part of a few training sessions. I am ecstatic, every day I am learning new things from my teammates and the coaches. It has been one of the best experiences of my life because I feel like I am getting closer to my objective”.

People talk a lot about your speed and anticipation, but what other qualities would you say you possess?

“Yes, these qualities are mentioned a lot, and in reality, I believe I do own them. Also, I’m good in the air, and my passing accuracy is pretty decent. I am a leader on the field the entire time, so I feel like a complete player, and I have great things ahead of me.”

It’s going to be the manager’s decision if you become Pedro Franco’s replacement on the first team. One thing is true, and that’s you coming in to fill in the void that Franco left. Therefore we ask you if you are aware of the big responsibility?”

“I am aware of the big responsibility that my teammate Pedro Franco left, and I hope to face things in the best way, with a lot of responsibility, a lot of determination and composure. It will be the coaches decision if I am to fill the spot in the first team.  I am another defender, and I know that whoever fills that spot will do things well because we are all here for the team. If I must, I will do my job with responsibility.”

From what players and what characteristics have you gotten from each one of them?

“In international soccer, I had great role models. I saw Maldini finishing his career, and I thought it was he was an exciting player, with a lot of qualities, good conditions and a lot of leadership. Today, my role model is Sergio Ramos because he is a player that when he needs to help his team, he does it, like the captain he is. Aside from his conditions, he has a great firmness and security he grants his team with his attack and his ability to defend.”

From your work what do you like and value the most?

“What I like the most about my job is that I always give it my all, I play a championship no matter what game it is. Even my teammates do it; we always give 100% we want to be in every game and give it our all.”

You have made it to the first team, now what is your step or dream to fulfill?

“Fortunately, thanks to God I have taken this significant step. The important thing from now on is to work hard and perform well in the pre-season to win a spot in the starting team. Being able to add to the team, as I said previously to earn a spot in the starting 11, apart from giving titles to the team and leave a mark in an institution like Millonarios.”

What do players from the under 20 team you see as possible future reinforcement for the team keeping in mind their capabilities and qualities?

“I believe that there is a lot of talent and any player brought up will be a good player, even though they all deserve it, sadly it’s like a pyramid and not all of them can achieve their objective. Regardless, I feel like, in all lines; defensive, midfield and offense, there are players with a lot of talent, I don’t dare say any names, I believe that any of them could fill a spot on the main team and he would do his job in the best way”.

Who is the best player in your position?

“Sergio Ramos, in my concept he is the best player in his position. He is the best defender in the world.”

Now Millonarios will play the League and the Cup, do you see a great opportunity on that last one to get more continuity?

“It is a great advantage I have, I know through there the opportunity can come to me, and some of the other teammates and the idea is to use and get some continuity. Those tournaments are crucial to vary the team and those themes”.

Would you like to change something about the system of play that Millonarios has after seeing the past semester?

“There are always things to improve, but I believe that Millonarios is a team that attacks a lot, a team that the past semester had a good goal difference, also they didn’t score on us much and I believe that our philosophy is to search for a lot of goals and the teams idea is centered around attacking well, so I feel that those things that are more important, we have a good road and the things that we have to improve aren’t many, but the coaches will fix that part, so we have a good campaign.”

What is your preferred leg and how able are you to play other defensive positions?

“My preferred foot is the right, but this year with the team I have worked on the left zone because I also feel comfortable there. I also have the virtue of using my left leg, and in my younger days I used to play as a right back and defensive midfielder, for that reason I feel like a complete and versatile player.”

Damir, Millonarios Newest central defender, radiates confidence wherever you look. His versatility gives hope to the fans to see him shine, and maybe, by his hand, to obtain the 15th title. He will have to work hard to achieve his objectives.

Best wishes to our newest central defender!      

Juan Montoya

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and have been a fan of Millonarios since I can remember, its a legacy that has been handed down from generation to generation in my family, and even now, away from home, I cheer and support Millonarios from the distance, from Florida, USA.
"La Herencia de Papa"
Juan Montoya

Juan Montoya

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and have been a fan of Millonarios since I can remember, its a legacy that has been handed down from generation to generation in my family, and even now, away from home, I cheer and support Millonarios from the distance, from Florida, USA. "La Herencia de Papa"

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