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Millonarios still yearns for the 15th league title. This dream unifies the love among the fans, staff, and players to achieve this goal.  For this, It is necessary to improve many aspects of the team and especially, strengthening the squad.

In this occasion, despite the fans’ and journalists’ demand for well-known and decent players. The managerial staff decided to try a new method by promoting players to the professional team from the youth academy.

Brayan Silva was the third keeper and left the club last week. The manager decided to give a chance to Juan Moreno because he trusts him. This youngster is only 17 years old, and he’s an excellent keeper with a strong physique and goalkeeping skills, and for that reason, he will become the third choice keeper for the Ambassadors in this upcoming new season.

Despite his age, Juan is aware of the challenge and the wonderful opportunity that he will be experiencing. He spoke to us in a friendly interview filled with anecdotes, facts, and other details.

What are your expectations in this semester with the Ambassadors?

“The expectations are high. When the challenges show up, it’s common that you want to perform the best as you can. First, I want to get comfortable with the team and try to do things in the best way.”

What do you think Vikonis and Sanchez can contribute you?

“A lot of things. They are two different keepers. Both keepers are fantastic keepers in the national level and I believe for my age they could be a major piece to help me improve and get comfortable with the team.”

Your height, 194 cm, is noticeable for a keeper but what attributes do you consider important when you’re in between the posts?

“Well as you mentioned,  my height will help me facilitate when I come out to catch or clear out the ball in the air. I believe that it’s one of my best attributes and also stopping the shots from long distance.”

How hard was it to get comfortable as a keeper in the U20 team?

“It’s always tough. I am only 17 years old, and when they promoted me to the U20 team, I didn’t have any chance to play. Since Brayan Silva left, I now have the opportunity to become a starting keeper. Thank God that positive things are happening to me.”

Who do you admire or who’s your idol?

“I like great keepers like Nicolas Vikonis, Franco Armani, and David Ospina. In another word, I like great keepers because I enjoy learning from them by watching them play.”

Do you think for a keeper, it’s harder to join or get promoted to the professional team than a typical player from another position?

“Yes, of course, it’s always harder because it’s only one keeper that is playing on the field. It’s hard to sub in or sub out a keeper unless there is an injury or a red card but yes, it’s more difficult for a keeper to grow and gain experience in a higher level.”

In the past years. Millonarios are known to have great keepers like Nicolas Vikonis, Luis Delgado, Nelson Ramos, and now Ramiro Sanchez. Are you aware of the important responsibility? What have people told you about this challenge?

“Yes, of course, I am aware of where I am right now. It’s a huge responsibility, but thank God, and luckily I have the support from the coaching staff and all of my teammates.”

The people have spoken to me and made me realize and understand that it’s an incredible opportunity and I must take advantage of that. These are things that are common in life and soccer, and it’s important to know how to do these things in the best possible way.”

What do you know of Miguel Angel Russo?

“In the past few months, I have been getting to know him. He is a great manager. An international manager usually influences in football. I believe that learning from him is important to understand  this sport better  and having him here is a privilege.”

Where were you born? And when was that? How did you join Millonarios and what was the process to get where you are right?

“I am from Urabá, Antioquia. I was born on July 9, 1999.

In 2015, I was competing with a team, Sparta, in a tournament of La Liga Bogota (The Bogota League). We played in a semi-final match against Millonarios, and I had a good game. I believe that’s where everything started. I had to go through a different set of trials in Millonarios and I did well, and that’s when I joined the club.

It was a long process, but it was a good thing. During my time here, I’ve had great teachers/managers that taught me and thank God because that helped me a lot. Alex Garcia was previously a goalkeeping manager in the academy, and because of him, I learned so much.  I also have learned things from Anzola and Andres Acosta.”

Did you take this news as a surprise or were they telling you about this opportunity awhile ago?

No, because it was rumored that it was going to happen. After Brayan Silva had left, I didn’t know how the new process was going to work.  I didn’t see this as a surprise because I saw it as a reward because of my hard work, my consistent form, and the things that I have been doing.”

Based off what Juan said, the fans and the managerial staff can be calm and fully trust him because he will do the job right. He will be responsible for overcoming the challenges of being part of a professional team.

Now, we’re waiting for the confirmation of new quality players. We are confident that these newcomers will give it all for the team.

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Alex Guerrero

Born and raised on Long Island, New York. Graduated from Farmingdale State College with a Sports/Business Management degree.
Alex Guerrero
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Alex Guerrero

Born and raised on Long Island, New York. Graduated from Farmingdale State College with a Sports/Business Management degree.

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