Jader Valencia, the new youngster for the Blues

Millonarios are preparing to compete in two competitions in the remaining of 2017 that are sure to leave many lessons at the end of the year. Those led by Miguel Ángel Russo are already preparing to compete in the 2017-2 league and the league cup, a tournament that brings together teams from the first and second division of Colombian football.

For the above, the ambassadors began to work on bringing in quality players, and one of them happened to be the brilliant forward/winger from Bogotá F.C, Jader Valencia.

With great attacking abilities, the Sincelejo born striker plans to work hard to gain a starting position and win titles with the Blues. With 17 years of age, surely the new addition to Miguel Angel Russo’s team will have a significant experience in his career for what it means to play in Millonarios at a young age. However, we wanted him to tell us himself how he felt about joining the team:

Are you aware of the responsibility of joining a big club?

ANSWER: “I am aware of the responsibility needed to play for a club as big as Millonarios, I know it is a club that always has to be fighting for titles and that’s why I came to provide what is necessary to help the team win and obtain titles.”

What is your greatest strength both in football and in the personal side?

ANSWER:”In football, my biggest strength is the aerial game, and in the personal side, I am a sincere and calm person.”

It is common to see a player from the second division joining a small club in the first division and then work their way up to join a big club. You took a huge leap, what steps did you have to take?

ANSWER:”It is normal for a second division player to join a small team and then join a bigger club. However, in my case, I know Millonarios had been following me for about a year and a half or two years. It was not a surprise because I know that I have been working hard and doing things in the right away. Now that I am part of Millonarios, I plan to continue to work hard to make a difference. “

Who is your football idol?

“My idol is Ronaldinho. I think he was one of the best players during his prime. He was a great player. When I was younger, I watched his videos, and I still watch his videos. During my free time, I dedicate myself to see his goals and his skills.”

And of the players that are currently in Millonarios, which player do you look up to?

ANSWER:”I admire all of them because of their great work, and they are in a big team like Millonarios for a reason because of the things that they have been doing.”

Why did you choose football over other sports?

ANSWER:”I started playing football at an early age because of my father, he was a footballer, but unfortunately he did not become a professional footballer. Also, my cousin is Wilson Carpintero, a professional footballer, and when I was younger, I started to admire him and decided to follow his footsteps, and because of him, I am who I am!”

What were the steps that you had to take to get here?

ANSWER:”I was playing in Apartadó in an academy called Manchester Envigado under Jailer Galarcio’s management in 2013. In December of that year, I came to Bogota FC to try out and then went back the next month to Bogota to start in the academy. In October 2014, I had the opportunity to debut. In 2015, I played for the U17 team and U20 team and made several appearances. 2016 was the year that I made in the professional team and became a starting player. I was able to do well in the tournament, and in 2017, I was among the top goalscorers of the league.”

Who influenced you in your career as a footballer?

ANSWER:”My father, my cousin; Wilson Carpintero, and my family have been supporting me since the beginning. My former teachers Ayala and Galarcio in Manchester Envigado also influenced me. Managers like Alejandro Arboleda gave me the opportunity to debut in 2014, Hernan Pacheco did the same in 2015, and in 2016, it was Nestor Rodriguez and also Ernesto Pacheco. The head coach of the U17 Colombian national team, Juan Camilo Perez, also influenced me.”

What is your biggest dream as a footballer?

ANSWER:”My dream is to compete in the best leagues around the world and make history in Colombia and outside of Colombia.”

What goals do you want to accomplish in yourself or your life?

ANSWER:”I want to keep improving each day and make history in the Colombian league and outside of Colombia. In my personal life, I promised my mom that I was going to buy her house. I also promised my sister that I would pay for her education in college.”

Would you change anything about yourself or your life?

ANSWER:”I know that I have to improve as a professional footballer and have dedication in myself. That is the only thing that will change. I’m still going to be the same person who has been humble, hard working, straightforward, and fighting for the best in the future.”

In three adjectives, how would you describe yourself?

ANSWER:”I describe myself as a humble, hard worker, and happy person.”

What attributes would you like from other professional footballers? (Ronaldo’s header?, Iniesta’s intelligence?, Neymar’s skills? Etc…)

ANSWER:”I would like to have Iniesta’s intelligence to solve any problems in the game within seconds.”

Which player in the Colombian league or the football world would you compare yourself to or have the similar attributes?

ANSWER:”I like Paolo Guerrero’s style of playing and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado’s skills because he likes to show off skills to the opponents.”

The club administrators are currently focused on bringing in new players to wear the blue jersey for the new season.

It is not a secret that the club is building a squad for the future under Miguel Angel Russo’s management.

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Alex Guerrero

Born and raised on Long Island, New York. Graduated from Farmingdale State College with a Sports/Business Management degree.
Alex Guerrero
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Alex Guerrero

Born and raised on Long Island, New York. Graduated from Farmingdale State College with a Sports/Business Management degree.

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